BBEDD is bbackk with a bootleg recording from our show at stonehenge... matt j on keys and a squeaky chair, brandon v on delay pedals and the record button. wails will make you feel a little bit underwater, a little bit in space, a little bit haunted -- all three if you're lucky. like all of bbedd's bbest, this was improvised. for sleepy ears... enjoy~


Spooky Leaves

Spooky Leaves- Two or More Worlds Ep
Recorded on a voice recorder, some freestyle songs, poems and blabbering.

santa fe with

first take of an old song i played for a friend's birthday -- decided to try to add to it and make a proper, finished song. posted here for matt... lyrics forthcoming.


photocred krystal kat


wanked around with an old, mellow riff -- just wanted to try my hand at sound collage, really


photocred to krystal p

Just Maybe

Spooky Leaves - Just Maybe Mp3
get it!

Finally I wrote a new song! I sure hope you like it...

We need to work harder...

only brandon is dead and so is my computer.
perhaps i'll find out who recieved his computer and beg them for it.
then i can post the things he recorded before his tragic death and he can be something like 2pac.
but probably not.

anywho... i'm still alive.